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Computer Maintenance and Upgrades


We can keep your business computers running smoothly and fix any problems you may have.   

Computers are complex pieces of equipment and with any complex piece of equipment things can go wrong. It can be as simple as the space bar stuck down or as complex as a motherboard issue, these things and more can stop you working and grind the business to a halt.

We can perform diagnostic tests on the equipment, replace faulty components and upgrade equipment to the latest hardware and software.

Focusing on your business not your I.T, leaves you more time to work at making your company grow.

Don't let problems grind you down give us a ring.


Network Installation & Service


With our help your business will be able to expand by networking your PCs so your employees can work together.

In the modern office multiple people need access to the same files and require centrally stored information. Centrally storing information creates a single point to back up for disaster recovery, the backups can then be removed from site.

ADSL broadband connections can be easily set up for fast internet connections.


Server Support


We will make sure your server is running efficiently and all your business data is being backed up.

Could you recover your business if your building burnt down ? If you do not do anything else make sure your data is kept in a safe place.


Email Configuration


Keep your email flowing allowing your customers to contact you.  This is critical to the modern business, lots of clients will use email as their main means of communication.

Nobody wants to go back to putting things in the post box and waiting for three days for a response. The quicker your clients get the information they need the quicker they can get back to you. 

We can get you up and running with e-mail or fix any problem you may already have.


Virus Removal


We will resolve any issues you have after a virus attack and safeguard your machines for the future.A virus attack can seriously disrupt your businesses operation, stopping people from working and causing major productivity drops.

There are people out there that get enjoyment out of your misfortune.  Most of these attacks can be avoided at minimal cost.  Don't become a statistic.


Technical Consulting


Could your business do things better or smarter? How can you improve your customer communication?

Take full advantage of our expert analysis to help your business grow. We will give you help and advice on how your business can move forward with the aid of I.T.


Network Design


We at Nebula can design a new network for your business as required.  Below is an example for the type of diagram we can produce, we also can implement on request.